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Sunday, 29 August 2010

The e-bay Inchgower Raymond/ralfy bottle.

On behalf of Raymond and the Bladnoch Team .... plus myself, the Malt-punk called ralfy(.com) I would like to say a few thanks here....

Thanks to Raymond and Bladnoch for supporting the wild-fire idea of this unique bottle. The whole idea has been to demonstrate one of the ideas to be found at "Ideas For Distillers" where the influence of the internet can facilitate the interaction of small Distillery, internet commentator, the World internet whisky community and a bidder prepared to commit cash to conclude the interaction.
The Distillery gets publicity, the commentator too with a special Vlog ! ... the World whisky community gets an interesting and truly original Event (something like this has never been done before ! ).
 The bidder gets a unique collectable bottle completely detached from the 'applied' collect-ability of Marketing Departments.
 Importantly, the Distillery's local community gets some valuable cash to benefit those in need. (big shout for the Wigtown Players !) 
 From the steady trickle of feedback I have received, it's clear much interest and support has been forthcoming from a wide variety of whisky-interests, and we now have a successful conclusion with 1724 visits to the e-bay post, 36 bids placed for the bottles, and £370 raised for the Wigtown Players Charity Group. To the guy who won the bidding,  ... good luck !  and if you decide to drink the contents, remember to use a good glass, fresh water,  and choose good company to share the experience with....  

Thanks Everyone !